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We couldn’t sit around anymore and watch the whole financial system go down in shambles. We had to do something about it. The middle class is fast disappearing and it behoves on us Millenials and Gen Zs to lift our generation out of poverty into a meaningful life. One that is not ridden with tragedy or the misery of scarcity. We thought we would build a system where young people don’t prey on one another’s need for money and desperation. That we could actually build a system that catered for everything lacking in our nurture or the education system that produced most of us. Now there is actually a platform where true value can be exchanged and everyone is 7 digits better for it.

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This is the meeting point for sellers, marketers and buyers. Products created on our platform are marketed by in-house affiliates, and still sold on our platform, while we handle the profit distribution seamlessly.

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From students who accessed paid courses, to affiliates who market products, to customers who purchased other products on our platform, the testimonies have been amazing, see them for yourself.

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