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When you become an affiliate, we generate a unique affiliate link for you. Whenever someone signs up using this special link, you get a stake on any product they buy on the platform, as long as that user account exists as your downline.
We even took it further, you can earn Mentors Profit Sharing (MPS) reward, when you mentor your downlines(mentees), to earn on the platform. Sweet right? Talk about passive sweet income.


Product creators needed a more effective way of selling their products without stress. People also need to make more money, without stress or hassle.
So, we thought of a way people could earn huge incomes  (7 DIGITS COMMISSIONS) by effectively promoting and selling other people's products.
We are not ignorant of the fact that the more we get people signed up on our platform, the easier it is for our product creators to showcase and sell their products, and the faster we drive towards our MISSION OF RAISING 7 MILLION MILLIONAIRES IN 7 YEARS.


We made it compulsory that at the point of creating any product, creators will have to specify how much percentage of the product's price they are ready to award affiliates who successfully sell their products.
We made it easy and seamless. You can easily track your sales, check your progress, and withdraw your earnings. Creators can easily set up their products, and engage with their buyers/students, with no additional stress to the affiliates. This means MORE MONEY to be made.

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The application process is simple: just SIGN UP for FREE, and start selling and earning. And if you want MORE i.e. valuable step-by-step multiple trainings and mentorship, subscribe to any of our affiliate learning packages to LEARN and EARN on the go.

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