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Ayodamola Olu-Ayoola

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Wed 21 Sep 2022

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About Ayodamola

Africa's Leading Life and Money Coach, god of Marketing, Lord of Branding, and Africa’s Leading Wisdom Brand! Founder, MD/CEO, The 7D Group. 14 years of proven entrepreneurial experience. Over 40B real estate deals closed Mentored over 5000+ 7 figures monthly earners. I help people make the kind of money they desire for as long as they want it and listen to me.

User Reviews (3)

  • Damilare Daniel ( )

    Wow 😳... This Course is Absolutely more than it's Price... Imagine Using just Words(Written Words) to get inside your clients head and they'll have no other choice but to go ahead and Sha buy whatever Product or Service you're selling... Knows what? Lemme just stop all the talking. Go ahead and see what I'm talking about... Go and Write Words that Sell 💪

  • Ramat Ayodele ( )

    This AWE-MAZING copywriting course helped me to overcome my fear of copywriting and I've earned from copywriting because I practiced what was taught. I haven't taken any other copywriting course since, although I've read books. The 7D Copywriting course is MIND-BLOWING, SUPER EASY TO UNDERSTAND, and SHORT. It's worth much more than its price! I'd say you get it RIGHT NOW. It would be justified if the price was increased☺️

  • Oreoluwa Olusoga ( )

    This is a recommended course for beginners. From my experience and advanced knowledge on Copywriting, watching it over again - I'd say this is BEGINNER FRIENDLY. I think the price is LESS it's worth though.