Grow your brand as an Authority. Become unstoppable! Learn what it means to become an authority in your chosen business or career.

Do you know problems could come to an end? The benefits below will solve your business and money problems. Even problems you never knew existed! Ready to stop the troubles and fights that lack of money causes? Don't miss out on a single benefit 

BENEFIT 1: Silver

  • Every single benefit in Silver 

VALUE = ₦403,990($1009.89)

BENEFIT 2: The 7 Digits/Dimensional Copywriting Course 

  • A fresh and unique approach to copywriting. And it only requires that you can read and write basic English. Copywriting money is oil money

VALUE: N119,999 ($300)

BENEFIT 3: The 7 Digits Closing Course

  • Revealed! Secrets that teach you how to close sales without being a pest. In this course are unique strategies to close high, middle, and low ticket sales like a pro. You don't want to be blocked by prospects, do you?

VALUE: N129,999 ($325)

BENEFIT 4: The 7 Digits Personal Branding

  • GUESS WHAT?! 70% of U.S recruiters and HR professionals have rejected candidates based on information they found online. Here's the ultimate personal branding course to make sure you do it right! 

VALUE: N159,990 ($400)

BENEFIT 5: The 7 Digits Storytelling

  • GREAT NEWS! People love stories and your prospects are not left out. The sole goal of this is to teach you how to write stories to make MONIES, even if you've never written a story before

VALUE: N139,999 ($350)

BENEFIT 6: The 7 Digits WhatsApp Money Framework

  • This has raked in over 30 Million naira total sales revenue for WhatsApp marketers who used the proven organic strategies in this course. It could be you making millions on WhatsApp too! 

VALUE: N109,999 ($275)

BENEFIT 7: The Eagles Flight Program

  • Exposed in these intensive sessions are Fresh Secrets that show you how to easily become a 7 digits earner even if you are a newbie

VALUE: N99,990 ($250)

TOTAL VALUE = ₦1,163,966 ($2909.89)

AMOUNT TO PAY = ₦20,500 ($51 ) ONLY

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The 7DC Gold subscription package gives you free access to the following products:

The 7 Digits Affiliate Marketing (Course)
The 7 Digits Storytelling (Course)
The 7 Digits Closing (Course)
The 7D Personal Branding (Course)
The 7D WhatsApp Money Framework (Course)
The 7 Digits Copywriting Course (Course)

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