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The 7DC PLAT Subscription

The 7DC PLAT subscription is specifically designed to help you make a minimum of  $3000 monthly. 

Once you have the 7DC PLAT Subscription you will be equipped to use one or more of these vehicles to make money for yourself from the comfort of your home.

  1. Be able to manage Social Media for multiple companies for up to 200K monthly for each.

  2. Be able to write copies on freelancing platforms (Upwork, Fiverr and Freelancer) to make as high as $2,000 on a copy.

  3. Become a highly-paid Realtor, sell real estate and earn commissions as high as $10,000.

  4. Become an authority in any field, and sell out on your coaching and mentorship offers.

  5. Create design and content for Sales Funnel making as high as $1500 for each funnel.

  6. Be able to convert your WhatsApp to a moneymaking machine.

  7. Be able to able monetize your Youtube and earn several thousands of dollars.

  8. Be able to monetize blogs to make over $1000 monthly.

  9. Make hundreds of dollars for generating real-time feedback and polls.

  10. Make thousands of dollars helping freelancers identify platforms where they can exchange their skills for money.






    Actually, we made it better than free. 

    Let's be straight with you. This ENTIRE VALUE PACK costed us millions of naira and 20+ years of combined experience and lessons to put together.

    We know how much people struggle to make ends meet. And as much as it would have been a sweet offer to sell all this for N200,000 ($500) or more.

    We're giving it away for less than 99.13% of the value worth, that's just N51,000 ($127.50)

    But hey, we decided to slash down the price further to just N25,500 ($63.75) 

    So, how come it is FREE?!

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    We want you to commit and show us if you truly truly want this.

    How else do we do that if not by getting you to pay something? EXACTLY 

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    On one condition:

    Apply what you've learnt and use it to make double of what you've paid. Yes, all


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The 7DC Plat subscription package gives you free access to the following products:

The 7 Digits Affiliate Marketing (Course)
The 7 Digits Realtorship (Course)
The 7 Digits Storytelling (Course)
The 7 Digits P-W Marketing (Course)
The 7 Digits Closing (Course)
The 7D Personal Branding (Course)
The 7D WhatsApp Money Framework (Course)
The 7 Digits Copywriting Course (Course)
The 7 Digits Email Marketing (Beginners) (Course)
The Ultimate CV Writing Guide (Course)
The 7D Upwork Hack (Course)
7D Content marketing (Course)
The 7D Leads Generation (Fundamentals) (Course)
The 7 Digits Social Media Monetization (Beginners) (Course)
Canva Design (7D Ultimate Guide) (Course)
Landing Page Design (7D Ultimate Guide) (Course)
7D Ultimate Guide: Google Docs for Productive Work and Business (Course)
7D Ultimate Guide (How to use Google Sheets) (Course)
7D Ultimate Guide (How to use Google Slides) (Course)
7D Professionals Course in Human Resources (Course)
7D Professionals Course in Customer Service and Relationship Management (Course)
7D Business Management Professionals Course (Course)
7D Wealth Leadership Course (Course)
7D Life Productivity and Mastery (Course)
7D Time Mastery Course (Course)
The 7D Search Engine Visibility (Course)
7D LinkedIn Monetization (Course)
7D Instagram Monetization (Course)
7D Facebook Monetization (Course)
The 7D Pinterest Monetization (Course)
7D Youtube Monetization (Beginners) (Course)
The 7D Youtube Monetization (Advanced) (Course)
7D Twitter Monetization (Course)
7D Ultimate Guide: WordPress Design and Development (Course)
The 7D Leads Generation (Advanced) (Course)
The 7D Leads Nurturing (Course)
7D Sales Funnel Mastery (Course)
The 7D Facebook Ads Domination (Course)
The 7D Google Ads Mastery (Course)
Email Marketing with Mailchimp (Course)
Email Marketing with Convertkit (Course)
Email Marketing with Getresponse (Course)
The 7D Content Creation Mastery (Course)
The 7D Blog Money-Making Machine (Course)

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