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The Best Money-Making Opportunities for Nigerian Students in 2022.

You decide, how much money do you think you can make in a year… as a student?

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Here’s what you get in this new and best student money-making offer:

The 7D Upwork Hack course

What You Will Learn:

What Makes A Great Upwork Profile.

How To Write And Send Winning Proposals.

Which Jobs You Should Bid For.

How To Retain Old Clients.

The Secret To Success On Upwork

Become Skillful In The Following:


Proposal Writing

Profile Optimization

Social Media Optimization

Billing And Negotiation

Value: N215,000 ($537.50)

The 7D Social Media Monetization Course

What You’ll Learn:

💰 The Social Media Positioning 

💰 The Millionaire Social Branding 

💰 The Social Experiment

💰 The Social Results

💰 Social Media Monetization

In simple english: Understand how to set up a sellable and monetizatible social presence that earns as high as $500 monthly.

Value: N235,000 ($587.50)

The 7D Affiliate Marketing course

What You’ll Learn

💰 How to make at least ₦1M($2,510) with the 7D Affiliate Marketing, in 6 months or less

💰 How to keenly identify a hot-selling product

💰 How to sell without being pushy

💰 How to close without smart-talk

💰 Important factors you should  consider before selling

Value: N125,000 ($312.50)

The 7D Copywriting Course

💰 How to sell 5x, 10x, 100x of any product (physical/digital) in the next 3 months than you've ever sold in the past 3 years, using the power of 7D copywriting.

💰 How to earn as high as $1000 writing soothing and magic-like copies.

Value: N119,999 ($300)

That’s not all, Here’s FREE BONUS for you: worth over N500,000!  

Authority Building Masterclass: learn how to establish yourself as an authority in any niche or industry. 

Value: N156,000

Personal Branding Masterclass: Access the 7D Secrets to personal branding, like you’ve never heard before

Value: N178,000

Brand Positioning Masterclass: This training alone has the potential to make you unstoppable in life!

Value: N185,000

Money Management Masterclass: Learn how to keep and multiply money like the top richest men in the world. The secrets shared in this  masterclass are uncommon and life-transforming.

Value: N358,000

Here’s The TOTAL VALUE Of What This Program is WORTH: 

The 7D Upwork Hack Course: N215,000 ($537.50)

The 7D Social Media Monetization Course:  N235,000 ($587.50)

The 7D Affiliate Marketing Course (Newly Updated): N125,000 ($312.50)

The 7D Copywriting Course: N119,999 ($300)


7D Authority Building Masterclass: N156,000

7D Personal Branding Masterclass: N178,000

7D Brand Positioning Masterclass: N185,000

7D Money Management Masterclass: N358,000

TTOTAL VALUE PACK: N1,571,999 ($3,929.99)


You also have access to a Mentorship and Accountability Telegram group, where you have a standby coach and support to answer your questions and help you along the way. 

We will hold your hands every step of the way. 


  1. It starts with the same set of reasons for everyone. Educational misfit, long enough romance with poverty, an angry awakening and survival frenzy.

  2. You need to make a lot of money and have no means, skills, or platform to provide any of the listed things or support.

  3. You realise that your best bet is to make money online. Finding out that there are a lot of ways to make money online.

  4. You need proven frameworks to follow.

  5. Learning that you want to make money as much money in your own way.

  6. Discovering that you’d need a mentor to guide you and keep you from slacking.

  7. You’re tired of asking or begging Mum/Dad/Uncle/Aunt/Guardian for pocket money, You want to make your own money. 

  8. Making as high as $1000 per month sounds life-changing for you.

  9. You don’t want to be a mechanic, you want to be a baller.

  10. You want to start balling NOW!


The 7 DIGITS STUDENT MILLIONAIRE subscription package gives you free access to the following products:

The 7 Digits Affiliate Marketing (Course)
The 7 Digits Copywriting Course (Course)
The 7D Upwork Hack (Course)
The 7 Digits Social Media Monetization (Beginners) (Course)

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